Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey guys ,

PMR is just around the corner . Next week Hari Raya holiday , i hope i have time to study . Thank god my trial , all i passed :)

Wish me all the best for PMR yeah . Maybe i can't blogging this time . STUDY STUDY STUDY !
That's what now is all about .

PMR finish , i'm gonna scream like hell yeah . Hangout with my friends . That's what i'm going to do .

Hope i get the best results for PMR . bye . take care friends :)


Hey ,

I just don't understand . What's wrong with them ? I can't tell you their names , but , it's weird . Suddenly we're not talking as we always did . Gosh , is there something ? I heard my names came out from you girls .

Never mind , if there's anything you would like to say , just say okay . Don't just keep it . Hari Raya nk dekat , saling bermaafan lah . Ta baik gaduh2 . PMR pn nk dkt , if asyik mengutuk jea , puasa ta menjadi , ta guna jgk .

I'm out now . bye all . take care :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Blogger

Hey guys , i'm new here . I'm trying to blog something fun and interesting for you to read . A lots of story to tell . Maybe this is just an introduction of me . I'll write a story as fast as i can .
Nothing to say much . Enjoy , with love , Melia :)