Sunday, January 31, 2010

Genting Highland

Heyya, oh yeah, I miss Genting :(

So yesterday bout 10 am, my dad, my brother, and me as well, leaved house. To Genting of course. So stopped by, breakfast kejap. 1 hour plus drived, then sampai.

Oh yeah, I love the weather. Sejuk, best! Dah sampai, we went to First World Hotel, (which dad booked early yesterday). Best, our room, the view was nice.

Then petang, moved to theme park, oh yeah, it was extremely fun. Cork Screw, Flying Coaster, Flying Dragon, Pirate Ship, Roller Thunder Train, and so on. Fuhh, we had a fun time.

Btw, gmbr sume nak upload kat Myspace, penat lah sni :P Bye.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Oh yeah , tomorrow I'll be doing a speech . Pairs of course , with Brandon .

We'll be talking about diligence . In front of students , I have stage fright -.- Hope not for tomorrow , I'll be shivering up there . Haha wish me luck :D


Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun days

I love my school now , I love the subjects , especially Add Maths (:

Physics , Chemistry , Add Maths , Biology , Accounts , new subjects for me , but it's fun to learn . It's good to be with friends , teachers , as my classmate is happening !

It's been a while since the last post . One thing , this year I get really tired and stressed because too lots of homeworks . Busy with studies , a lot to read and memorise , I hope so I can cope with it . InsyaAllah .

So today , me , Erina , Nina , Awin , and Erina's cousin went to BTHO McD . We spent about 1 hour plus . Prosperity , what I ate just now . And yeah , ramai jgk orang .

Eat You Up , nice song . Thanks to Erina (:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy Birthday Mama! I will always love you (:

Today tak celebrate pun, because my mum was so busy with functions. She said "tomorrow lah kite celebrate". Oh alright then. So today was kinda exhausting day for me -.-

First, I woke up at 8 am. At 9 am, my tuition starts. Kalau tak pegy, tahu lah Madam tu mcm mne. Haih for four hours me and my tuition mates studied Add Maths. But it's fun though :D

Second, piano class. For one hour started at 1.15 pm, rush from Madam's class and straight away went to Yamaha. Gosh how tired is that. Kepala ney dah penuh dgn Maths work. Nasib baik faham.

Third, my dad and my big brother wanted to go to KLCC, obviously we went inside the KL Convesyen Centre to sign up for University Lim Kok Wing for my brother. Woah, semua kat sana ramah2. Smpi one girl touched my hair and say hey (:

Then bought G2OOO shirt, for my mum. Yeah three of us chose the right choice. I hope she liked it!

And yeah, balik pun dah mlm. Penat, and Hanan told me besok ade tuition class lg. Haish dah dah, malas nak pegy. Lgpn nak celebrate my mum's birthday.

Balik, buat homeworks, and online. Goodbye (:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

Okay , i think i post it too late actually . Yelah , today dah 4th of January -.- I'll be busy for this time , busy with schools and tuition classes .

Hm , Goodbye 2009 . I miss my memories in 2009 , gosh too lots of memories actually :( And yeah , Hello 2010 (: Let's start a new life , make it fresh . And my resolution for this year , obviously to be a better person and study hard .

Neway today is the first day of school , goshh penat kot nak bgn pagi -.- So in the morning my dad sent , all the Form 4's must stay at the foyer . Rmi smpi lmbt , traffic JAM ! Haih .

Then met Shahira , Erina and Faz . We all decided to take pure science . And yeah , four of us got it ! Happy enough huh :D

Then some bad news , Erina and Faz were pushed to Joy class . Me and Shahira to Hope class . We was like , WTF ! But still we're in full science class .

So i said to Shahira , "nvm lah , at least we both ada , study both suda" . Then yeah good news came , two girls from our class were pushed to Joy , and two person from Joy were pushed to our class . And guess what , they were Erina and Faz (:

So four of us need to study hard for this year . Oh gosh , subject punya banyak .
Be hardworking , Insyaallah , we'll be good in our studies (:
That's all , balik my brother ambik . Chow .

Four of us , saja upload (: