Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey, yes Joshua created KARHINANAH profile in Facebook, haha :D Thanks dude.

Okay, exam nak dekat. But the teachers gave us homework, too much lah. Projects, speech, haihh. Can't you give us after the exams? We need time to study. I'm not trying to be rude *sorry

I'm stress, piano exams lagi. Italians words to memorise, haiyooo.

Time to do my homeworks, bye.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Exam nak dekat dah, haih bnyk lg kot tak baca. Ya Allah, risau gila ney. And my school teachers keep saying that FAIL is normal for us, especially first term. Haihh I don't hope for that, I'll cried if I fail.

Okay haha, Joshua created a group name for four of us, me, Fazlinah, Erina, and Shahira. And the name was 'KARHINANAH". Haha cute, and he said he wants to invite us on Facebook, a profile which named Karhinanah :D

That's all, risau exam ney, haih bye.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello, I felt relieved, but at the same time, sad, well idk actually -.-

Now your chance girls, I know a lot of you want him, wait for him, go ahead. He's free (:

I'm happy if you're happy, I'm missing you, but I don't think we both will be a great couple.

I'm focusing on studies now, exam's nearer, plus my piano theory exam, oh Ya Allah I hope I'll get a good result.

InsyaAllah (:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dilaaa (:

Haha best kot Dila dtg smlm, mcm2 kita buat. Sorry post lmbt, smlm tak sempat (:

Okay first, ye ye nak buat homework, last2 tak buat. Haha. So lunch order pizza, Pepperoni Delight, sedap nyumm :P

Haha then dah lps gossip2, yelah Shaf, I know we are bad, haha

Next nak snap pictures, ofc lah make-up kan ? -.- Dila bawa liquid eyeliner (susah kot nak guna), kan Dila ? Then buka youtube on, "How to apply a liquid eyeliner", gosh that girl's eye besar and cantik.

Ade some pictures terdelete, ish lawa kot, haihh :(

Haha then snap, teringat Shaf, so snap gaya die slalu buat. Like this probably,

Align Center

Haha then tag Shaf the whole picture, and he asked why, haha

Then we made a video, with "Nobody", by Wonder Girls, but tak sure step :P Haha delete delete, next time buat yg okay sikit, haha.

Bestlah gila gila dgn Dila, yelah kawan sejak Junior 1 (: Ily friend ! Ade lg gmbr,

DONE ! Haha :D

Yeah, one more thing, Dylan just said to me yesterday. Die nak pegy Bali, haih 24th die balik. Take care friend (:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Having fun

Hey, so now I'm waiting for Dila to come :D

Supposely Leo, Shanice, and others invite us to Mid Valley. But hm, my mum kinda worried. So cancelled. Maybe this evening Leo nak jumpa kat MZ. Waiting for him to come back from Mid lah.

Okay, so today Dila planned nak snap pictures, mkn pizza. Haha delivery jela :D

That's all, bye dudes. (:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anne's House

Hey, today me, Erina, Diana, and others went to Anne's house.

We did prank calls, online, kacau-ing peoples at Kampung Chat (trying to be bad)
Haha :D

It's fun though, okay bye :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hols (:

Hey, I'm here to wish you Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Hols and Happy Valentine's (:

I wished my friends, and Arwin (: I love you guys so badly. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

We'll hangout someday alright. Yelah, 1 week holiday. Besides studying, we should have fun (:

Monday, February 8, 2010


I don't understand, what so good in webcams ? But when I said 'NO' to those who wants to webcam, they'll get mad. What's the point guys ? It's just wasting time.

Btw, Razi chat with me just now in fb. After so long, dia muncul balik. Yeah, we are close friends (:

Yeah, in school tadi, Mr Tan talked dirty. Omg, haha yeah one class laughed a lot today :D

I joined netball, still blur, but it's fun (: I hate the weather, why not the Earth becomes snowy or cooler. How nice huh, haha.

And yeah, this Friday is Chinese New Year event in my school. Can't wait !

Friday, February 5, 2010


Haha, cross country, I lost. Nvm, still have next year (:

Our leader got 2nd place, still great. Yeahhh.
My legs are in cramp, haihh -.-

And oh yeah, I joined netball school team. Oh yeaahhh.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cross Country

Oh yeah, besok cross country ! :D

I'll do my best for yellow house, woohoo ! Zie Lik said to me just now at schl, "Karmelia, run for tomorrow, I know you can". Oh yeah I will, so do you alright (:

Wing Hoon (leader for yellow house), gave yellow house members a big semangat ! Come on yellow, we can win for this year :D

And yeah, Shamira ! She was already borned, I'm happy for Shahira. Congrats my dear. I bet your lil sister must be so cute (:

That's all for today, Cross country ! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

School's Fun

Hey friends (:

Haha so how's my schl going on ? Fun enough (:

And yeah, Chit Seng gave me an orange for Chinese New Year,
she~ she~ my friend (:

Me, Erina, and Fazlinah are planning to go skating at Sunway. Can't wait fr this Saturday, ahh! But, Shahira's is not going :( Diyana as well, nvm, next time yeah.

Ahh! Shamira Shamira! Shahira texted me, maybe Shamira will be born by today. I bet she is happy (: Can't wait for Shahira's Mee Soto, *buat pedas2! Haha

Fatin, besok start exam kan ? Do your best darlingg, Ily !

Being with my close friends is just fun. Thank you guyss, you're the best ever ! :D