Monday, March 29, 2010

Just be yourself

Today Faz was absent, I was not alone though, Scha and Erina were here today (;

Today dtg sekolah, kelam kabut cari Chit Seng to help me for Physics PEKA, haha thanks for your help dude :D

Supposely my PLBS for English is today, luckily Ms Elvinna allowed us to postpone other day. Haha

Physics time, since Faz not there, only Chit Seng and Sasi with me. So three of us did an experiment, gosh they were so annoying, but sometimes they were okay. Chit Seng keep saying "Hey, Shang Ri La Hotel haa? Okay okay?" I don't know what does he meant, -__- I just ignore him.

Btw, Joshua showed me 'The Last Song' novel, oh gosh I really want that book. The movie is coming out, Miley Cyrus, can she act? Well we'll see huh. And the song from that movie is so nice, I guess I wanna borrow from Joshua the novel, lots of people cried, I hope I won't be :P

Okay, Chemistry homework now! Later guys (;

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What, yeah at last

Guess what, today me, my mum, and Khaleel went to Pavillion. Shopping of course, nothing much actually.

Aha masuk Topman, group of guys came in, ahh Arwin and his friends. Haha I was so shocked and trying to smiled, he did first :D

At last kot, at least lah, we met, eventhough kejap jea. Haha.

Then went for book fair, jumpa Faz and her family, that's all (:

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Haha today was fun! All my classmates were supporting.

So Biology class, we did the red blood cells and the potato strip, haha 4 in a group. Faz was absent, she had a fever, get well soon yeah (:

Okay then, everybody was like, "Who's blood wanna take? Who Who?" :D Chit Seng offered himself, haha all of us were looking. And the rest they try it too.

Lunch time, one guy came to me, Erina, and Shahira, he laughed suddenly -__- Haha and we laughed as well, it's weird. I saw his group was laughing, haha well I think they dare him to come towards us and laugh. Yi Tong asked me,

Yi Tong :"Karmelia, I saw there's one guy came up to you, what did he say?"
Me : Aha seriously I don't know, suddenly he came and laughed.
Both : Hahaha :D

Then Sejarah, we got our marks, Alhamdulillah (: Teacher was too tired to teach, and let us do our free time. So me, Erina, Shahira, Chit Seng, Wai Yip, and Kevin played a game with no name, but by clapping or slapping others hands fastly :D Haha it was cool and fun, by the same time, the pain hurts, haha.

I just love my classmates (:

Monday, March 22, 2010


Haha holidays over, schools take turn now, do you guys have fun during the holidays? Haha I'm not! Sick sick and sick.

Okay anyway today's school was okay, we get our results, only subjects tht we had today. My results was okay, thank God (:

Shaf patah bahu, haish get well soon dude (:

Okay bye :D

Friday, March 19, 2010


Rinduuuuuu, haih

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey, today me, Erina, Nina, Tasha went to Pavillion.

Then we met Dila and Harraz kat sana, okay tnggu kat tmpt movie, terserempak dngn Hez, haha rupanya Nina ajak.

Then we planned to go for Red Box, there's three guys looking weird to me, haha and it was Azzam, Azzem, Lukman. Haha woah rminya jumpa today.

Lepak kejap sekali, then met Shafiq Murad (: Senyum jela, aha

That's all, you guys have made my day. Thanks :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cool videos

Hey, I watched some videos, and it's damn cool.

You heard We Are The World fr Haiti? Gosh nice video, I love Enrique's voice (:

Btw, I think DBSK is the best group singing live, they are always consistent with their performance. Check it out,

And hey, Boa is really a good dancer.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh goshh, tak tahan! I just got high fever, serious malas nak online, and the worst is, today piano exam.

Haih okayla, nasib baik bole jwb, exam kat Sg Long school, hah first dtg2 jumpa Whitney and Jessy, oh girls rindunyaaaaaaaaaaa :((

Then dah hbis exam, keluar awal, I finished 30 minutes earlier, nmpk Md Nor, haha angkat tngn jela dr jauh.

I was waiting fr my dad to come, tnggu jela, smbil tu text dila, then Md Nor came to me,

Md Nor : Hi, buat ape sini?
Me : Ade piano exam.
Md Nor : Kat sini, apesal kat sini?
Me : Haha ntah, mmg kat sini.

Sorry dude, mcm mls nak lyn, suara tngh takde, sakit gila tekak :(

Jumpa pulak Azzam ke Azzem, haha muka korg serupa lah, yelah twins kan :P Die tegur, "Eh hi, buat ape sini?". "Ada exam piano". "Oh kat mana?". "Kat atas jea, bru hbis". Haha then bye, my dad pun smpi. Segan nak ckp, suara takde -__- Sorry guys.

Anyway it's really nice to meet you guys, after fr so long :(

Friday, March 12, 2010

Physics -____-

This morning, my mind was saying, what am I going to answer for Biology -__- Haih

Bout 1 hour we studied in class, exam Bio pun start. Wah it was not so bad, luckily it was okay. Maybe sbb first time jwb, tu yg takut :D

Physics? Haih tak pyh tnya lah, susah kot, subjective was easy, masuk essay ape kebenda lah. I don't think I'll get an A for this subject, sorry Mr Yap -__-

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Form 5's, congrats (:

Hey, today yeah, SPM result. Haha I wanna wish all the Form 5's, congrats!

Especially to my brother, my cousin, and all the Surians (: Lunch time, all of them were already there. I saw my bro and ran to him (manja) haha :P he said "Belum dpt lg", and I said, "Okay okay, bea mkn jap, nnti bea dtg".

I saw Danial Ding or Shaun was there, I said hi. Okay then dah hbis mkn, naik atas tmpt tadi, oh semua dah pegang paper, haha I was searching fr my bro, and Joshua pnggil, he was beside my bro jea -__-

My bro tarik me, as privately, and showed me his results. Alhamdulillah, (: For Yi Sheng, congrats lah, 11A's oh. Some of them were crying, nvm you tried your best (:

And I saw Shaun mcm frust, I asked him,

Me : So what did you get?
Shaun : Naah, (he covered the papers)
Me and Shaun : Haha (both laughing, and he showed me)
Me : Oh congrats.
Shaun : Thank you thank you.

Most of them in coloured hair, haha dah mcm 1 family :P

Okay anyway today's exam paper was Chemistry, it was fine, but some I'm not satisfied with what I answered.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Haha today's Accounts, Sivik, and Add Maths paper.

Accounts kinda tricky, Add Maths okay but confusing. Okay Sivik nothing to say lah, senang :P Haha

Bye :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ahh thank God, today's paper all was okay (:

Agama, Eng, and Sejarah. Hm I thought it's gonna be hard, but my guess was wrong -__- Haha start sejarah memang nervous lah. Luckily it was, not to say it's easy, but I did answered lots of questions. And the essay, nasib baik soalan senang.

Alhamdulillah (: Okay lunch time, kan dah kata, Joshua asked up bout the band again, haiyooo. Haha Erina was saying, "Don't ask me now, my mind is totally full now" Haha hebat lah you, but Joshua really begged, aduhh for teacher's day nak buat performance. Haha can't you figure out for something else like dancing, cool isn't it :D

Okay done, wish me luck for tomorrow's paper!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hard times

Hey, exam had started today -__-

Omg, BM was quite hard, but okayla. I'm just worried bout the times, what if tak sempat? Haih, nasib baik sempat. Bnyk kot contents, haiyooo at least an A- pun okay :D

Then Maths, a bit confusing, but I think the paper was okay, 2 hours and 30 minutes. I finished bout 1 hour before times up, haha questions sikit jea actually.

Today's paper can be said not too easy, and not too hard. I'm not so confident to get an A, but I'm hoping so. Okay bout today's story, before Maths paper, our group KARHINANAH were talking, laughing, planning for the holidays *bukan nak study, kan? Haha

I didn't realized Chit Seng put the air freshener in front of my face, suddenly it sprayed. Luckily it did not went to my eyes, I have my hands to cover it :P

So then Ms Elvinna, "Karmelia, you better go wash up your face" And I did. Okay then I reached home, I received Chit Seng's message asking how was the paper today. I said it was okay. And he thinks he will not be able to get good result, I said "Nvm we tried our best, goodluck fr tomorrow. And don't put that ambi-pur again in front of my face, LOL" And he said "Sorry, goodluck. Wish you the best." Auw, thank you friend (:

Lunch time, Joshua talked to us bout a band that he wants us to join. I was like, "What? Why me?" Haha. He said he wants to take me as a pianist, oh gosh, I have stage fright dude, -__- He really begged for this band, kesian pulak, haihh. I said if the others join, I'll join. By tomorrow must confirmed, apa nak cakap ni? -___- Aduhh

I think I have enough, penat dah tulis. I pushed up too much for this exams, relax Melia. Bye, (:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Naah, busy

Sorry lama tak update blog, memang busy lah.

Anyway, what I'm gonna say is, now my bro dah start college, so my transport to school and go back is by van -__- Okay, that van is not bad at all, mostly inside there is juniors (Chinese).

Haha so I was like, "What? Am I the senior in this van? Okay good, lol :P" There is seniors, but I'm the eldest, except fr the driver lah. Haiyooo

So my friend in there is a cute little Chinese girl, Zi Xuan, she's really cute (: And her friend too, just became friends with me. Haha sometimes I feel it's fun to be with juniors, they are just so cute!

So now semua dah friendly, they asked fr my name, comel lah korang ni (:

Maybe tak online fr one week, busy with exams, wish me luck!