Monday, March 29, 2010

Just be yourself

Today Faz was absent, I was not alone though, Scha and Erina were here today (;

Today dtg sekolah, kelam kabut cari Chit Seng to help me for Physics PEKA, haha thanks for your help dude :D

Supposely my PLBS for English is today, luckily Ms Elvinna allowed us to postpone other day. Haha

Physics time, since Faz not there, only Chit Seng and Sasi with me. So three of us did an experiment, gosh they were so annoying, but sometimes they were okay. Chit Seng keep saying "Hey, Shang Ri La Hotel haa? Okay okay?" I don't know what does he meant, -__- I just ignore him.

Btw, Joshua showed me 'The Last Song' novel, oh gosh I really want that book. The movie is coming out, Miley Cyrus, can she act? Well we'll see huh. And the song from that movie is so nice, I guess I wanna borrow from Joshua the novel, lots of people cried, I hope I won't be :P

Okay, Chemistry homework now! Later guys (;

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