Friday, April 2, 2010

You've made my day

Since today is a holiday, good Friday, I had fun with some of my classmates today (:

So this morning, me, Chit Seng and Sasi went to Faz's house. Apparently to do our Physics experiment. We finished it, yeay :D

And yeah, then we ate pizza for lunch. Okay I ate 5 of it, seriously, stop it Melia -__- Haha we ordered delivery for pizza, and they were late. Bout 1 hour only the pizza boy were there, goshh nak marah tak sanggup.

After that, movie time. We watched Final Destination 4. Then Chit Seng balik, and Sasi. Me and Faz just onlining, talking, laughing bout school stuffs.

Chit Seng made us laugh for many times. We took pictures. He asked us to hang around again next time. But overall today I had fun with them. Thanks, you've made my day (:

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