Thursday, April 29, 2010


Lama tak update, aha

Hey, thank God, hilang pun my sunburn after all the Sports Day, and netball activities.

Tadi Lisan, haha buat Talk Show. Thanks to my classmates, for your cooperation (:

Alright, Malay Dance for Scholastic Awards nak dekat dah. Now practice practice and practice. Best lah, be with friends for the rest of school times :D

That's all, and yeah, that day pergi rumah Awin, here some pictures.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Go Surians!

Oh yeah, we won for Netball today. I just proud of you guys!

Haha we were so excited. Pergi SMK Bandar Rincing, nmpk budak budak Sg Long juga, :D

Anyway we had fun playing just now. Gosh go Surians! You are always gonna be the best.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tug Of War

Haha woah today was fun, during Tug Of War, under 18 boys and girls, yellow won. But still not the final, this Saturday is :D

Congrats lah to Yellow House, proud of you guys. Banyak lah gaduh dngn sports houses yang lain, haha one of the student supported me, while I was arguing with some of the other sports houses.

Yellow House, you're the best (;

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PC Fair

Alright, today pergi PC Fair. Ya Allah, ramai -___-

Sesak! But best lah pergi. Haha and one Arab guy winked (; Wah wah, LOL XD

Dahlah, penat. Bye :D

Friday, April 16, 2010


Yaww, PC Fair is tomorrow. I'm going. Can't wait :D

Going with Ika, (cousin). Gosh rindu, lama tak jumpa (:

Okay shit, what happened in school tadi memang pelik. I nearly cried and some of us nearly got demerit. Please lah, you should warn us since last time. Dah middle of the month baru nak tegur -___-

Okay bye.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Show off

Hey, when you get something new and expensive, don't try to show off lah -__-

People won't think you're rich and have lots of money. Oppositely, they think you are showing off your things. Please lah, poyo.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Haha hi hi :D

I can't wait, my schools are having Sports Carnival during Sports Day. My classmates did some discussion who's gonna buy this things and that. I'm so excited, and Joshua invited us to Sunway after Sports Day too, to Sunway to celebrate his birthday (:

Oh yeah, and today is Shafiq's birthday, Happy Birthday! Besar dah kan. Aha

About our Drama Club, we have to do a drama in front of people. Guess what, me, as a minah rempit. Haha nvm let's have a try :D

That's all, will update soon (:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello hii, today was sport practice. And its really tiring.

Yellow House did marching today, okay boleh lah, we did about 4 to 5 rounds, haih penat kot. But nevermind, for Yellow House, sacrifice lah sikit :P

After that, Scha ajak pergi bookshop. Met Erina, Awin kat canteen, and the two precious girls, Anis and Aleana. Weh rindu kot ); Cikgu Karim went down, haha dahla takde pass, cabut cabut lari. Me, Scha, Erina were so funny, went up using the other way. :D

Aha then ECA, netball again :D I was defending Nina, and both of us felt. My hands got slightly bleed. A bit jelah. Had fun today, bye!

Friday, April 2, 2010

You've made my day

Since today is a holiday, good Friday, I had fun with some of my classmates today (:

So this morning, me, Chit Seng and Sasi went to Faz's house. Apparently to do our Physics experiment. We finished it, yeay :D

And yeah, then we ate pizza for lunch. Okay I ate 5 of it, seriously, stop it Melia -__- Haha we ordered delivery for pizza, and they were late. Bout 1 hour only the pizza boy were there, goshh nak marah tak sanggup.

After that, movie time. We watched Final Destination 4. Then Chit Seng balik, and Sasi. Me and Faz just onlining, talking, laughing bout school stuffs.

Chit Seng made us laugh for many times. We took pictures. He asked us to hang around again next time. But overall today I had fun with them. Thanks, you've made my day (: