Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello hii, today was sport practice. And its really tiring.

Yellow House did marching today, okay boleh lah, we did about 4 to 5 rounds, haih penat kot. But nevermind, for Yellow House, sacrifice lah sikit :P

After that, Scha ajak pergi bookshop. Met Erina, Awin kat canteen, and the two precious girls, Anis and Aleana. Weh rindu kot ); Cikgu Karim went down, haha dahla takde pass, cabut cabut lari. Me, Scha, Erina were so funny, went up using the other way. :D

Aha then ECA, netball again :D I was defending Nina, and both of us felt. My hands got slightly bleed. A bit jelah. Had fun today, bye!

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