Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After a while

Hellooooooooooooooooooo! Its been a while. Been busy with Dance practice, homeworks, Mamma Mia practice :/

Not gonna talk much. Okay this Friday I'm going to Sunway. Who performed dance during the REAL Awards have to go and perform again. This time more grand, at Sunway Resort. Ballroom (: OMG, can't wait!

Then, Saturday is MTV World Stage. Thank God I have the tickets, gonna have fun :D

Everything seems so nice. I'm happy with my life now :)

Okay bye. Gonna post again during free times.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hi, Argentina lost. Haha what a shamed, Germany 4-0 Argentina. Aiyoo my only hope now is Spain. Last time Germany lost with Spain. So this time Germands are getting stronger. We'll see this Thursday.

Erina, Shahira and me planning to watch Final Fifa Sunday night. We're gonna paint our face! Haha mamak pun jadi lah. Stay up late, 2.30 am, hope our parents bagi lah :/

At school, during lunch, Camen (assistant head-prefect) came to me and said, "Karmelia, do you want to be a prefect?" Haha I was damn happy that time. I said "I must confirmed with my parents first." But then I must be a probate first before being a prefect.. Haha do every single duty Melia, then you can be call as a prefect (;

Am I doing the right thing? God please help :(

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Team work


Brazil lost ); Tonight Argentina please win! The only teams I'm supporting are Argentina and Spain left. Please guys, I know you can.

Yeay! I got in for Mamma Mia! Thank you teachers (:

Okay, today I went for the ECA Camp. We did a lot of activities. Signing paper, Confidence fall, our legs and hands have been tied up, Explorace, Rope climbing, Brain test, Human Pyramid, Ducky egg, and many more.

Haha had fun today! Can't wait for the 5 certificates :D