Monday, July 5, 2010


Hi, Argentina lost. Haha what a shamed, Germany 4-0 Argentina. Aiyoo my only hope now is Spain. Last time Germany lost with Spain. So this time Germands are getting stronger. We'll see this Thursday.

Erina, Shahira and me planning to watch Final Fifa Sunday night. We're gonna paint our face! Haha mamak pun jadi lah. Stay up late, 2.30 am, hope our parents bagi lah :/

At school, during lunch, Camen (assistant head-prefect) came to me and said, "Karmelia, do you want to be a prefect?" Haha I was damn happy that time. I said "I must confirmed with my parents first." But then I must be a probate first before being a prefect.. Haha do every single duty Melia, then you can be call as a prefect (;

Am I doing the right thing? God please help :(

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