Thursday, March 11, 2010

Form 5's, congrats (:

Hey, today yeah, SPM result. Haha I wanna wish all the Form 5's, congrats!

Especially to my brother, my cousin, and all the Surians (: Lunch time, all of them were already there. I saw my bro and ran to him (manja) haha :P he said "Belum dpt lg", and I said, "Okay okay, bea mkn jap, nnti bea dtg".

I saw Danial Ding or Shaun was there, I said hi. Okay then dah hbis mkn, naik atas tmpt tadi, oh semua dah pegang paper, haha I was searching fr my bro, and Joshua pnggil, he was beside my bro jea -__-

My bro tarik me, as privately, and showed me his results. Alhamdulillah, (: For Yi Sheng, congrats lah, 11A's oh. Some of them were crying, nvm you tried your best (:

And I saw Shaun mcm frust, I asked him,

Me : So what did you get?
Shaun : Naah, (he covered the papers)
Me and Shaun : Haha (both laughing, and he showed me)
Me : Oh congrats.
Shaun : Thank you thank you.

Most of them in coloured hair, haha dah mcm 1 family :P

Okay anyway today's exam paper was Chemistry, it was fine, but some I'm not satisfied with what I answered.

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