Thursday, March 25, 2010


Haha today was fun! All my classmates were supporting.

So Biology class, we did the red blood cells and the potato strip, haha 4 in a group. Faz was absent, she had a fever, get well soon yeah (:

Okay then, everybody was like, "Who's blood wanna take? Who Who?" :D Chit Seng offered himself, haha all of us were looking. And the rest they try it too.

Lunch time, one guy came to me, Erina, and Shahira, he laughed suddenly -__- Haha and we laughed as well, it's weird. I saw his group was laughing, haha well I think they dare him to come towards us and laugh. Yi Tong asked me,

Yi Tong :"Karmelia, I saw there's one guy came up to you, what did he say?"
Me : Aha seriously I don't know, suddenly he came and laughed.
Both : Hahaha :D

Then Sejarah, we got our marks, Alhamdulillah (: Teacher was too tired to teach, and let us do our free time. So me, Erina, Shahira, Chit Seng, Wai Yip, and Kevin played a game with no name, but by clapping or slapping others hands fastly :D Haha it was cool and fun, by the same time, the pain hurts, haha.

I just love my classmates (:

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