Friday, March 5, 2010

Naah, busy

Sorry lama tak update blog, memang busy lah.

Anyway, what I'm gonna say is, now my bro dah start college, so my transport to school and go back is by van -__- Okay, that van is not bad at all, mostly inside there is juniors (Chinese).

Haha so I was like, "What? Am I the senior in this van? Okay good, lol :P" There is seniors, but I'm the eldest, except fr the driver lah. Haiyooo

So my friend in there is a cute little Chinese girl, Zi Xuan, she's really cute (: And her friend too, just became friends with me. Haha sometimes I feel it's fun to be with juniors, they are just so cute!

So now semua dah friendly, they asked fr my name, comel lah korang ni (:

Maybe tak online fr one week, busy with exams, wish me luck!

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