Monday, March 8, 2010

Hard times

Hey, exam had started today -__-

Omg, BM was quite hard, but okayla. I'm just worried bout the times, what if tak sempat? Haih, nasib baik sempat. Bnyk kot contents, haiyooo at least an A- pun okay :D

Then Maths, a bit confusing, but I think the paper was okay, 2 hours and 30 minutes. I finished bout 1 hour before times up, haha questions sikit jea actually.

Today's paper can be said not too easy, and not too hard. I'm not so confident to get an A, but I'm hoping so. Okay bout today's story, before Maths paper, our group KARHINANAH were talking, laughing, planning for the holidays *bukan nak study, kan? Haha

I didn't realized Chit Seng put the air freshener in front of my face, suddenly it sprayed. Luckily it did not went to my eyes, I have my hands to cover it :P

So then Ms Elvinna, "Karmelia, you better go wash up your face" And I did. Okay then I reached home, I received Chit Seng's message asking how was the paper today. I said it was okay. And he thinks he will not be able to get good result, I said "Nvm we tried our best, goodluck fr tomorrow. And don't put that ambi-pur again in front of my face, LOL" And he said "Sorry, goodluck. Wish you the best." Auw, thank you friend (:

Lunch time, Joshua talked to us bout a band that he wants us to join. I was like, "What? Why me?" Haha. He said he wants to take me as a pianist, oh gosh, I have stage fright dude, -__- He really begged for this band, kesian pulak, haihh. I said if the others join, I'll join. By tomorrow must confirmed, apa nak cakap ni? -___- Aduhh

I think I have enough, penat dah tulis. I pushed up too much for this exams, relax Melia. Bye, (:

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