Wednesday, February 3, 2010

School's Fun

Hey friends (:

Haha so how's my schl going on ? Fun enough (:

And yeah, Chit Seng gave me an orange for Chinese New Year,
she~ she~ my friend (:

Me, Erina, and Fazlinah are planning to go skating at Sunway. Can't wait fr this Saturday, ahh! But, Shahira's is not going :( Diyana as well, nvm, next time yeah.

Ahh! Shamira Shamira! Shahira texted me, maybe Shamira will be born by today. I bet she is happy (: Can't wait for Shahira's Mee Soto, *buat pedas2! Haha

Fatin, besok start exam kan ? Do your best darlingg, Ily !

Being with my close friends is just fun. Thank you guyss, you're the best ever ! :D

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