Sunday, January 31, 2010

Genting Highland

Heyya, oh yeah, I miss Genting :(

So yesterday bout 10 am, my dad, my brother, and me as well, leaved house. To Genting of course. So stopped by, breakfast kejap. 1 hour plus drived, then sampai.

Oh yeah, I love the weather. Sejuk, best! Dah sampai, we went to First World Hotel, (which dad booked early yesterday). Best, our room, the view was nice.

Then petang, moved to theme park, oh yeah, it was extremely fun. Cork Screw, Flying Coaster, Flying Dragon, Pirate Ship, Roller Thunder Train, and so on. Fuhh, we had a fun time.

Btw, gmbr sume nak upload kat Myspace, penat lah sni :P Bye.

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