Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

Okay , i think i post it too late actually . Yelah , today dah 4th of January -.- I'll be busy for this time , busy with schools and tuition classes .

Hm , Goodbye 2009 . I miss my memories in 2009 , gosh too lots of memories actually :( And yeah , Hello 2010 (: Let's start a new life , make it fresh . And my resolution for this year , obviously to be a better person and study hard .

Neway today is the first day of school , goshh penat kot nak bgn pagi -.- So in the morning my dad sent , all the Form 4's must stay at the foyer . Rmi smpi lmbt , traffic JAM ! Haih .

Then met Shahira , Erina and Faz . We all decided to take pure science . And yeah , four of us got it ! Happy enough huh :D

Then some bad news , Erina and Faz were pushed to Joy class . Me and Shahira to Hope class . We was like , WTF ! But still we're in full science class .

So i said to Shahira , "nvm lah , at least we both ada , study both suda" . Then yeah good news came , two girls from our class were pushed to Joy , and two person from Joy were pushed to our class . And guess what , they were Erina and Faz (:

So four of us need to study hard for this year . Oh gosh , subject punya banyak .
Be hardworking , Insyaallah , we'll be good in our studies (:
That's all , balik my brother ambik . Chow .

Four of us , saja upload (:

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