Monday, December 28, 2009


Hey , erm school's around the corner . Time move so fast , huh -.-

Okay , pg tadi bgn . Abg nak gerak ke Times Square with Hez , bdk2 sg long sume . Ade reunion . And abg ckp "Cpt siap , beli lunch siap2" Caring enough huh , (: And then da siap there's someone tga buka pintu rumah , rupanya my dad .
Cuti rupenye -.-

Haha and then takpelah , tak jadi pegy beli lunch , my dad ajak pegy ambik book list at my school . Abg da gerak pegy , so me and dad pegy sekolah . Bosannye tngk school surroundings . Nak buat mcm mne kan .

Then ambik book list for Form 4 , pastu jmpe bus driver for Sg Long's . Dah gaduh dgn my dad , kecoh2 ! (Tapayah la tahu sbb ape dorg gaduh , just keep in silent suda) Then my dad said "Bea pegy masuk kete dlu , tapayah dngr psl masalah ney . And yes , i went in car first .

Smbil tu text abg psl gaduh tu , hm mmg kimak la si Raju tu ! Sorry la tak elok say these words . Close this topic , so then tatau nak pegy mne . We went to Lot 10 , my dad shopping baju .

Da petang , balik rumah . Online , tngk tv , texting . And yeah i texted with Fika (: She's great man , die ajak sleepover rumah die , but i think it's too far :(

Then text with Fatin , besok die nak sleepover at my house again , woohoo best ! :D And yeah , someone totally forgets me , pop just like that . We used to be close last time . I guess he founds a better friend for life now . I'm happy for him anyway , thanks a lot (:

That's all , bye friends .

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