Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dilaaa (:

Haha best kot Dila dtg smlm, mcm2 kita buat. Sorry post lmbt, smlm tak sempat (:

Okay first, ye ye nak buat homework, last2 tak buat. Haha. So lunch order pizza, Pepperoni Delight, sedap nyumm :P

Haha then dah lps gossip2, yelah Shaf, I know we are bad, haha

Next nak snap pictures, ofc lah make-up kan ? -.- Dila bawa liquid eyeliner (susah kot nak guna), kan Dila ? Then buka youtube on, "How to apply a liquid eyeliner", gosh that girl's eye besar and cantik.

Ade some pictures terdelete, ish lawa kot, haihh :(

Haha then snap, teringat Shaf, so snap gaya die slalu buat. Like this probably,

Align Center

Haha then tag Shaf the whole picture, and he asked why, haha

Then we made a video, with "Nobody", by Wonder Girls, but tak sure step :P Haha delete delete, next time buat yg okay sikit, haha.

Bestlah gila gila dgn Dila, yelah kawan sejak Junior 1 (: Ily friend ! Ade lg gmbr,

DONE ! Haha :D

Yeah, one more thing, Dylan just said to me yesterday. Die nak pegy Bali, haih 24th die balik. Take care friend (:

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