Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I can't wait til school reopens, wanna get busy and forgets everything :) My holiday so far was not fun as I expected. In fact, I'm depressed everyday. But I'm going to Singapore though, relax my mind and my health for few days. My brother is always there supporting me whenever I'm feeling down. Alavyu brotha!

Okay, Leo asked me out for dinner, so I'm waiting for Dila to come back from Langkawi. So we could hangout together with Leo :)

Starting next year, Imma get busy with my new boyfriends, which is my beloved books. No stressing, thinking bout the past aight Melia. I know its hard, but he's off with his happy life already. I miss my friends, they always cheer me up and keep me alive!

After SPM's over, Imma study here first, then I wanna go far to overseas and enjoying myself there with studies and friends. I know you can go through all this, believe in yourself Melia :)

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