Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Truth

Okay, seriously, its been 1 month plus after our break up. I keep thinking about him everyday and everytime. I don't understand why is it so hard? I swear I hate you, seriously. After what you did towards me, the way you treated me. I HATE YOU.

But after all, all of that doesn't even matter now. He's with someone new, and they hate me. Girl, you took what's mine okay. Do you even realize that? -.-

I don't care bout you hating me, but because of you, he hates me too. You don't even understand what love is. Jangan berlagak sngt lah kan. Dah dpt org punya, nak hasut dia jugak.

But eventhough I hate my ex, I still love him, till now :/ I know I was being too jealous last time, but that just shows how much I love you. If you happened to come to me one day, that will be the only thing I ever need. And that time, my decision to take you back or not. But you know what I'm gonna say. I miss you, and how happy I was with you, always (:

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