Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trip Trip

Hey there , today i just wanna write some places that my school organize for the Form 3 students . They set a place that we can have fun after our stressing times while we having our PMR . Thank god it's over now (:

I didn't come to school after such a long time , but my brother did . And he told me that all the teachers are planning many fun places that we can visit .
Ehem , just form 3's okay (: Haha , joke .

One of the places are University Lim Kok Wing . Gosh , i just love that place . And i would be honoured if i'm there when i'm turning 18 . That place is famous and popular for students who interested in arts . Computer and so many more . Can't wait to go there (:

My brother also told me we'll be going to Sungai Congkak . We will have a barbeque there . But i'm afraid my mum won't let me go there . You know why , GILRS ): Btw , i heard that place is haunted too . GRR-,-

Next is Alamanda . HAHA , we're gonna play bowling there . Can't wait . I'm going to school next week . To confirm when is the date , and time . Haha , gosh can't wait to go . With my friend , Fazlinah , we'll gonna have a great time .

I'll tell what happen next . Bye (:

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