Friday, October 16, 2009

Tuition Party

Hey all ,

Guess what , last wednesday i had such a great time with all my tuition friends . We had a PARTY . Omg , you guys are the best ! We celebrate our finishing PMR exam . We ate a lot , snap some pictures , spray to each other , and scream like hell man . Hazirah such a happy person . she screamed a lot ! HAHA . We had a very memorable time .

Here are some of the pictures , some of it in my friend's camera ,

Me and Hanan , spraying on the air , HAHA

San (yellow) , Arif (tongue out) , Najmi (sitting) , Saiful (the one with his food up)

HAHA , siah malu malu kucing

Me and Hanan enjoying our drinks , nyum nyum

While we were running and playing , we saw a died frog . Eww it's disgusting . And we decided to capture it . HAHA

Ily with the pink tudung , Sir Assogan with the suits , And the best Hazirah eating her ayam goreng

Enjoying ourselves

Actually there are more pictures to upload . But in ily's camera . Thanks for bringing the foods guys . All the foods were delicious ! Najmi , thanks for the mihun and ayam goreng . Danny , thanks for the pizza . Hazirah , thanks for the chocolate cake . Hanan , Siah , and San , thanks for the drinks . I love you guys . I won't forget this moment . We had such a great moment .

See you guys , bye :)

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