Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey, so fast July is coming.

Okay, almost some of my classmates were so frustated with England. Me too. Germands memang kuat. Its just their luck. Grr

Yeah just now at school, my class was chosen for the Usage Of Internet. We answered lots of questions. Its fun.

This Wednesday, sempena Vocasional Week, our class are selling some foods. Senior 4 and 5 only. Can't wait, miss classes! Oh yeah :D

This Friday, balik awal. Yeay!

This Saturday, school is having a camp for Senior 4 and 5. I'm going, there will be some fun activities :D

Next week Saturday, Parent's Day. Haha nasib baik results okay lah :/

On 17th July, Carnival. Dekat Stadium Bukit Jalil. My schools organised it. Can't wait!

On 30th July, MTV World Stage. Really wanna go! Hope get tickets.

That's all for schedule in July.

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