Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My schedule

Hello, its been a while. During this two weeks holiday, I've been really busy and no time to update this blog.

Let's see, my schedule ;

7th June, Monday
Fatin reached KL, and texted me. Okay besok kita keluar ok!

8th June, Tuesday
Went to Erina's house. Anis, Nina, Erina, Fatin, and me had fun doing some crazy stuffs there! Took pictures, singing. At night, Khalil, Hayat, Aiman came too. then Anis, Nina, and the guys had to go back. Me and Fatin had a sleepover at Erina's house. Oh yeah Erina dah tidur, Fatin and I can't sleep, "Snap gmbr jom!" haha gerak bnyk sngt and alarm bunyi kuat :/ Malunya haih. Thanks to Nina, she took great pictures.

9th June, Wednesday
Woke up, Fazlinah reached at Erina's house. And we went to Pavillion and Klcc. Haha at there, met Ainun and Ishma. Watched movie, Lagenda Budak Setan, nice movie and some of us cried. Haha balik rush for tuition, haih sibuk je. Balik with my brother, drove kinda fast cause nak cepat. Sent them to Erina's house, and hug them! Especially Fatin. She said "Besok pergilah, ikut kita sekali. Taktau bila nak jumpa". I said not sure yet.

10th June, Thursday
Finally, my mum let me go out again! Haha went to Mid Valley and Gardens. Me, Fatin, and Erina reached first. Then jumpa Awin and Nina, then Anis. Awin told me dia ajak Fatah and his other friends. Then jumpa lah dorang. We played bowling, and movie. Watched Shrek in 3D, okaylah :D

11th June, Friday
Omg, bangun lmbt. Nearly 1! Penat oh. Fatin nak balik dah :(

12th June, Saturday
Text Fatin lagi, malam dia call. Nak dtg besok! Omg datanglah, besok dia nak balik dah.

13th June, Sunday
Fatin came early, belum mandi lagi. Haha we did some crazy videos, pictures. Bestlah, then dia balik. I really missed you babe ); Then malam text Diela, jadi keluar tak besok, tak jadi lagi. Haih bila lah boleh keluar dngn kau :(

14th June, Monday
My mum cuti. So duduk rumah jea. Text Erina, jum pergi Sunway besok! Haha she said boleh. YES!

15th June, Tuesday
Morning, abang hntr pergi rumah Erina. Then Izzati came. Call Hanan, dia tak bangun lagi. She can't go. So kita 3 jea pergi, Erina's sister sent us. Reached there, beli ticket for Karate Kid! Omg, ramai gila. Panjang line. Okay queue up, nearly 1 hour baru smpi nak beli ticket :/ Wayang start 1.10. Dpt ticket 1.00. Haha terus pergi jelah. The movie was awesome! Then met Harry and Ahza kejap (: Haha segan jea.

16th June, Wednesday
Which is today! Boring gila duduk rumah, abang went to Pavi. Haih update jelah blog ni. Homeworks :/ Siapkan. Then Diela texted, ajak keluar this Friday. Balik kmpg kot ); Haih kesian kau.

17th June, Thursday
Didn't plan yet what to do. Tngklah dulu.

18th June, Friday
Umar ajak lepak, ajaklah Erina kan. Tapi tak sure lagilah, nak balik kmpg lagi, jumpa Diela lagi.

19th June, Saturday
Kat Perak kot time tu, if not, probably I'm at Shahira's house :D

20th June, Sunday
Haha this will be the boring-est day EVER! Besoknya sekolah. Haih dpt results lagi nanti.

21th June, Monday
Startlah sekolah kan? Haha all the teachers must be prepared with our exam marks :/

Some videos I Upload it on Facebook. Take a look! Bye!

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