Friday, June 25, 2010

Laughing is the best medicine!

Hello, today was nothing but fun. Since morning, laugh, laugh, and laugh until school's end.

Sejarah, laughed. English, laughed. Add Maths, not really. Agama, laughed. Lunch, laughed. Biology, laughed (the most!) BM, laughed. And finally ECA, laughed again.

Haha during Biology, Mr Ganesh was absent. Oh yeah, me, Erina, Faz, Kevin, Wai Yip, Yi Ting, Yi Tong, Kam Hon, Jo-ee, Chit Seng, Yoong Shang, Nicholas, and Sasi. A lot isn't it? Haha we sit on a circle. And played some games. Clapping numbers, the best game was Truth or Dare :D

Haha we laughed a lot that time. Especially the DARE part! Guys, you were great. During ECA, laugh too. Faz buat lawak.

Haha today was fun laughing, but I was wondering, will sad thing happen later? Laughing too lot, bad things will happen. But by laughing, it releases our stress. So I think its a good thing (;

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