Friday, June 18, 2010

Mid Valley

Hello, today was really fun! Went out with Dila and Sys Nini to Mid Valley and Gardens. First time jumpa sys :D

They were great, then jumpa Harraz. Teman Dila date kan, aha (; We played bowling. Harraz balik awal, Dila temankan dia somewhere. So me and sys had to replace them. Bowling game tak habis lagi. Some guys went in and watched both of us play, they were clapping hands. Haha malu kot. Then game finished, they went off. What you guys just came here to watched us? Haha end up, Harraz menang :/

Lunch at Mid, Harraz belanja air. Haha sekali sekala. Haih walk and walk, ada je guys yang followed us from back, did some kind of sounds, and I was like "Dorang ni desperate sangat ke?"

So balik mak sys ambik, tired but fun. Thanks for everything guys (; I love you! Here some pictures :

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